Carryon Elite Compression Packing Cubes 3 piece Set

Carryon Elite Compression Packing Cubes 3 piece Set

  • Extra zip saves you space by squeezing air out
  • TagIt label windows to help identify contents
  • Premium 3 piece set guaranteed to tame your packing
  • Curated for backpacks, duffles, trolley cases
  • Size mix perfect for hiking, camping, and road trips
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Perfect for short trips or when you're packing light! This 3 piece set features 2 Medium and 1 Small Elite Compression Packing Cubes. The ideal combination for smaller suitcases, duffle bags and backpacks. Designed to maximise your baggage allowance, these handy cubes help you take excess air out and keep it out! Made from premium materials, with 6 colours to choose from and handy tag windows, they're the best packing cubes you'll find!

  • Value deal - Save over 33% compared to buying individually

    Versatile packing solution - 3 piece compression cube set suitable for use in a variety of travel bags, including carry-on suitcases, duffle bags and backpacks, containing 2 Medium Compression cubes and 1 Small Compression cube

    Pack more in less space - Additional zip around the side of your cubes allow you to compress your items further to pack more in your suitcase

    Colour options - Choice of 6 colours to help you customise your packing

    Tear-resistant - Lightweight tear & water-resistant material, to withstand the rigours of your travels

    Pack like a pro - Design your own unique packing system and organise your clothing easily

    #Tagit - Label your contents for easier packing & unpacking using the built-in tag window

    Fit more in - Double zippers allow you to fit more in with multi-way access, and easy grab corded pullers

    Breathable mesh panel - Helps you to see inside your cubes, as well as providing ventilation for items inside

    Easy grab handles - Zoomlite cubes are easy to carry with lightweight webbing handles, making it simple to pack and unpack your suitcase

    Unpacking is a breeze - Unpack straight into your hotel room drawers, then zip them back up when you’re ready to leave, minimising your chances of leaving items behind

    Perfect for camping & road trips - Leave your bags in the boot, just grabbing the cubes you need when you need them

    Satisfaction guaranteed - If you feel that this will not improve your packing, simply send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

    • 3 individual compression packing cubes:
    • 1x Small - 27 x 19 x 10 cms, 100 grams
    • 2x Medium - 37 x 25 x 12 cms, 140 grams
    • Material: Ripstop Nylon with Nylon Mesh
    • Country of origin: China
    • 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects covering materials and workmanship


Compress & Save Space

Organise Your Packing

Protect Your Clothing

Lightweight Materials

Label & Identify Your Packing

Breathable Mesh Panels

Makes Packing Simple

Pack & Unpack Quickly

Packing cubes will change the way you travel

Pack More In Less Space

Extra zip for squeezing out the air and keeping cubes compressed

Water-Repellent Material

Protect your belongings from spills and splashes that may occur in your suitcase

Find Your Items Instantly

The mesh panels assist in locating your items quickly, with the added bonus that they help keep odours out of your clothes

What You Are Saying

These are great for saving space in my 40 litre backpack. I bought a small and a medium which fit all my travel clothes. In the medium I put 4 tank tops, 2 T-shirts, 2 long sleeve tops, 2 dresses, 2 pairs of shorts, a skirt and 3/4 jeans. In the small I put 8 pairs of undies, 1 bra, 1 bikini, 2 scarves and a light cardigan. They zipped up quite easily after a little bit of practice. Would recommend these as they do save more space than regular packing cubes."
Helen S.

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Where Could You Take This Bundle?

Family Holiday

Easy to sort clothes by family member with these fun colours, perfect for the whole family. Sharing suitcases has never been easier!

Road Trip

Keep a change of clothes or kids activities at hand with packing cubes - no need to dig through every bag in the boot after an impromptu mud bath!


Save space in your tent by packing your cubes with an outfit per day, allowing you to keep a few days' clothes handy, not your whole bag!


Hiking packs can jumble your clothes and digging for clean outfits becomes a chore. Simplify your adventure with packing cubes and spend more time relaxing

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do extra compression cubes work?

Basic packing cubes allow you to compress your items slightly by squeezing them into the existing cube shape. Extra compression cubes have a secondary zipper that you close once you've filled your packing cube, squeezing more air out and taking up less space in your suitcase

What are the exact sizes & weights of these cubes?

The details of the individual packing cubes are - Small - 27 x 19 x 10 cms, 100 grams; Medium - 37 x 25 x 12 cms, 140 grams.

Are packing cubes waterproof?

No, the top panel is mesh. The main material though is made from ripstop nylon which is water repellant.

What is special about this bundle?

This is a curated bundle designed for the current travel situation. We have taken out the large cube that is in all of our existing bundles as our large cube is extremely spacious compared to other brands and can only be used effectively in large check-in trolley cases or large duffles.

How much compression can I get with these cubes?

The amount of compression will depend on the number and type of item. Bulky clothing, like jackets and jumpers, or light fabrics, like t-shirts, will compress a lot of air out. Dense items or heavy materials, like jeans, will compress less.

Can I wash or fold these cubes?

We recommend that you hand wash your cubes with soap and water. Hang them out to line dry. They are extremely lightweight and fold up easily, hardly taking up any room in your case. They can also stay flat as they don't have a rigid construction.

Can I mix colours or sizes when purchasing these cubes?

This listing is for a 3 piece set of Elite Compression Packing Cubes in 1 colour (2x Medium and 1x Small). You can also purchase the Elite Compression Packing Cubes individually, or as a set with 1 each of Large, Medium and Small.

Can I use these for overseas travel?

Absolutely. Our cubes are very versatile. If you are travelling with larger cases you can always add on to this bundle in future from our wide selection of colours and sizes.