Anti-Theft Slashproof Travel Bags & Backpacks

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1 product

Safety is always a concern when travelling. Professional pickpockets are extremely common in many popular tourist destinations. Using secure travel bag & luggage should always be a priority in order to ensure that your valuables are safe while travelling. Outsmart scammers, pickpockets and bag snatchers with Zoomlite anti theft travel bags and backpacks.


  • What is an anti theft bag? In short, it’s a bag that has added features to keep your belongings safe from one or more types of theft. 


    So what anti theft features should you look for? Some brands claim their products are antitheft, simply because they have a crossbody strap or a hidden zipper. Look for bags with features to thwart multiple types of theftRFID blocking to prevent identity theft, cut proof bags to stop bag slashers cutting your belongings out of your bag, locks to stop pickpockets opening the zippers, steel reinforced straps to stop thieves cutting your strap and running off with your bag, and straps that detach on at least 1 side so that you can attach them to chairs, poles or other items to stop bag snatchers


    Do anti theft bags work? An anti theft bags provides extra security for your bag. They are designed to stop you from being the easy target. RFID safe technology will help protect you from skimmers and scammers who scan your ID and credit cards from a distance. Using locks or clips will slow down pickpockets and should alert you to their presence, however if you leave your bag unattended, the extra time it takes them to get into your bag will not matter. Always be vigilant with your belongings, especially in unfamiliar and crowded locations. The added protection of an anti-theft bag can help safeguard your belongings when you’re somewhere new and fascinating and it’s easy to be distracted. 


    What is the best anti theft bag? The best anti-theft bag has multiple features designed to keep pickpockets, fraudsters, bag slashers and other thieves out of your belongings. Zoomlite antitheft travel bags have all these features, plus they look good and help keep you organised. Choose from slings, backpacks, crossbody bags, tote bags and duffles! 


    Check out these popular styles: 

    • Sling bags – popular with men, particularly cyclists for their commute 
    • Messenger & tablet bags – for when you’re bringing your tablet or iPad with you and it needs to be protected 
    • Tote bags – for toting around a little extra (and keeping it safe!) 
    • Crossbody bags for travel – because you know it’s easy to be distracted by an amazing new destination 
    • Backpacks – a convenient way to carry your belongings, but not safe as it’s out of sight – that’s where the anti-theft features come in 
    • Womens crossbody anti theft bag – the cutest little clutch that turns into a crossbody bag, perfect for a stylish and protected carry! 


    Whether you’re looking for a sleek and stylish black anti theft bag, want a carryall handbag with extra protection, or need a backpack that’s secure, we’ve got it all at Zoomlite.