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    Are packing cubes worth it? 

    Absolutely! They allow you to find what you need in a hurry, and help keep your luggage organised despite being jostled around in transit. Packing cubes also provide easy access to your items, allowing you to find the right clothing without unpacking your whole suitcase or undoing all your hard work folding or rolling your clothes. 


    What are the best packing cubes? 

    The best packing organisers are lightweight and made of premium zippers and materials to make them last. You don’t want cheap cubes that break halfway through your holiday. Features like breathable mesh to reduce odours and label windows to identify the contents of your cube are also important to look for in a quality packing cube. 


    Zoomlite cubes are made from premium materials with all the features you need to sort your clothes to suit the way you travel. 


    Why not check out these best-selling cubes


    Elite packing cubes available to buy individually or in a selection of sets up to our epic 10 piece globetrotter bundle. Elite cubes include tag windows for labelling the contents, breathable mesh panels, easy-open sturdy zippers and carry handles


    Extra compression cubes – perfect for overpackers and winter vacations, they’re available to buy individually, as a 3 piece set. They’re perfect for squeezing excess air out and keeping it out. Turn your bulky puffer jacket into a neat little parcel quickly and easily! 


    Our popular eco-friendly packing cubes made from recycled single-use plastic bottles! These sustainable cubes come in a range of fun prints. They’re the perfect way to show your love for the planet, while you’re out seeing it. 


    There's more than just clothing in your luggage. Make sure you check out our range of specialty cubes to up your packing level to expert! 


    Need help deciding what size packing cubes you need? Check out our packing cube fit guide to see how many cubes fit in your suitcase.