Unique Inspiration for Weekend Getaways in QLD

Need some inspiration to pack your bags and head off on a wicked weekend getaway in QLD? We’ve got your back(pack)!

Sure, Noosa is always a good idea but, then again, that’s what everyone thinks. So, you know what happens when you visit on a weekend away, right? Yes…everyone will be there too.

When you desperately need to get away, relax and unplug, getting away from big crowds is kinda the point. And, to be honest, when you live in an Australian State that’s five times the size of Japan, squeezing into one overcrowded beach is totally unnecessary!

Here are five exquisite ideas for weekends getaways in QLD – all easy-peasy and beautifully enjoyable. Whether you’re based in Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay or Toowoomba, you’re sure to find some travel inspiration, right here.

The Bundaberg Coast – Brisbane

You probably know the rum and, on a glorious weekend getaway in QLD, you can explore the coast! The Bundaberg coast stretches for about 100km, starting from the historic town of Bundaberg in the south to the stunning town of Seventeen Seventy in the north. This isn’t exactly an obscure stretch of QLD coast by any means but you’ll still find it blissfully uncrowded, when compared with more prominent hubs between Mackay to Townsville.

What’s the Bundaberg Coast got that you may want? How about snorkelling and diving trips to see manta rays, fab surfing, evening sea turtle spotting tours in season, a chance to camp overnight at Lady Musgrave Island, an insane array of rum-centric experiences and historical sugar-cane attractions around Bundaberg, awesome beaches and about the best fresh fruit ice-creams in Australia at Tinaberries.

FYI: the last one alone is worth the weekend away!

Undara Volcanic National Park – From Cairns
(also doable from Townsville)

Undara is an absolute geological marvel and boasts the longest lava tube in Australia and one of the largest lava-tube systems on the planet. The last volcanic eruption in our country occurred right here, over 190,000 years ago! At Undara, you’ll find an array of fantastic well-marked walking trails although to see the tubes you must go with an official guide. Mind you, guided walks are wonderfully educational so are exceptionally well rated. All up, Undara boasts 68 distinct sections of lava tubes and over 160 extinct volcano craters, sprawled across an ethereal landscape that’ll take your breath away. Choose a sunset guided tour to spot wallabies, roos, snakes, birds and a gazillion micro-bats that spend their days sleeping in the lava-tube system.

On your way south from Cairns to Undara, you can drive along a wonderful stretch of the iconic Savannah Way, an historic overland route that stretches for 3,700km all the way to Broome, in WA. Alternatively, drive along the picturesque Atherton Tablelands. Either way, this is one trip that makes the journey, and destination, equally impressive.

The best and driest months to visit Undara are between April and August – for rainy reasons which are a little more than obvious, this month. The park offers camping and glamping options, as well as a dorm-style lodge and charming converted train-carriage cabins that sleep six.

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Ingham – From Townsville

Image Credit: @reubennutt

Speak to a Townsville local and they’ll tell you they live in a terrestrial paradise. They’re certainly not wrong. However, everyone needs a change of scenery sometimes. If you happen to be based in this glorious GBR haven, you might find it endlessly rewarding to discover a true gem of Tropical North Queensland.

Ingham is an enchanting rural town, today known primarily as the base for adventures to see Wallamam Falls, the highest single-drop waterfalls in all of Australia. Wallamam is certainly reason enough to venture out here yet the town offers enough enticement to stay for an entire weekend! Discover gorgeous regional art galleries, an abundance of nature for bird-spotting and bushwalking and truly fantastic local food, thanks to the early influx of Italian sugar-cane migrants. Visit in August to enjoy the annual Italo-Australian Festival – it’s sensazionale!

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Eungella National Park – From Mackay

Nestled in Mackay’s gloriously tropical backcountry, Eungella is a tiny town home to merely 200 very lucky people. It sits on the fringe of its homonymous national park, considered the longest continuous stretch of sub-tropical rainforest in the entire country. Revered as a haven for platypi (that’s a word, honest!), the park boasts various types of rainforests, an incredible concentration of wildlife and unique fauna, almost all of it totally endemic.

Nature based experience abound around Eungella yet the town itself, just an hour’s drive west of Mackay, also offers plenty of options to just relax and unwind. Download this handy local guide and plan your weekend getaway in QLD away from the coast.

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Kingaroy – From Toowoomba

Image Credit: queensland.com

Live in the largest town of the Darling Downs? Lucky you! Your need to escape the bustle of the big coastal city is arguably not as intense, yet we bet you could still do with a break. Now get those essentials packed right and head off for a weekend adventure you won’t forget in a hurry!

Kingaroy is Australia’s peanut capital and home to the country’s largest processing plant of the yummy legume. But that’s not the only reason to go! Unassuming little Kingaroy offers a plethora of amazing experiences, given it’s also at the heart of the Burnett Wine Region.

Now do we have your attention?

Stay overnight in quaint country cottages, visit cellar doors and farmer’s markets, spend a spellbinding evening at the Kingaroy Observatory, soak up the scent (and liqueur or scones) of lavender at Pottique and enjoy your exquisite, laid-back weekend escapade.

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