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July 24, 2017 3 min read


Brenda Pomponio

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I’m sure my friends thought I was a little crazy when I mentioned my goal of packing light for our two month overseas holiday.  Most of them smiled, then I could see the slight shake of their head.  I know what they were thinking.  Impossible.  Crazy.  You will need much more than you think, was what they would reply.


Safe to say I may have proved them wrong.  We did pack light, for what I consider, three completely different countries, with three varying weather conditions.  However, with careful planning and some considerations, we managed to pack three medium sized suitcases for all four of us for our two month adventure.  Our two month adventure included Italy, Scotland and Demark, which was total of six flights, ten trains and more taxi’s and buses that I can count.  It was important to travel light.


How did we do it? 

Here are some packing tips to get you and your family off to a good start.



Invest in packing cubes

Just prior to our two month adventure I invested in two sets of packing cubes from Zoomlite.  I am so glad I did.  Not only did they make the actual initial pack so much easier, once we were on holiday the unpacking and re-packing  was so much easier than packing directly into a suitcase. 


Carefully choose what you are bringing

Clothes should be packed with outfits in mind.  Don’t pack an item if you have nothing to wear it with.  I also suggest limiting each family member to 2 pairs of shoes.  Choose comfortable shoes that match in your type of holiday adventure.  The next step is to separate these items into categories of when you will need them.  I placed our winter garments in a separate cube that we only opened once we were in Scotland. This was a great way to pack efficiently and reduce time searching through items.



Limit bulky items

I chose to roll our items up when packing in the cubes and this was great for ease of locating items, as well as keeping clothes crease free.  Choose natural fibre clothing as this will keep you warmer in the cooler climates, but also breathe in the warmer climates and will help reduce packing bulky sweaters and jackets. 



Use your cubes for micro needs

We began to use our packing cubes for micro needs.  For example, I had packed medicine in one of the smaller cubes, so we knew exactly where all our first aid needs were.  It was also handy to carry toiletry items like shampoo to the bathrooms when camping.  The handles are great for hooking onto the back of the door.



Portability of packing cubes was a huge win for us

When we were travelling through Scotland in a motorhome, the packing cubes were perfect for storing in the cabin, and the empty suitcases were packed away in the outer storage for the whole duration.  Each member of the family had their own cube for their clothes and we shared cubes for daily essential items like phone cables, spare batteries, toiletries and we even allocated one to memorabilia like maps and tickets that we wanted to keep.  This is where the practicality of our  Zoomlite  packing cubes really came into use. 



I hope these tips have your packing efficiently and lightly for your next adventure!


Happy Travels!

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