Tips and Anti-Theft Luggage to Help You Travel Safely


The world is an incredible place, and the ability to see it through travel is a gift beyond compare. Whether you’re traveling to a nearby city or a new country, there is always something unique to experience that will provide memories for a lifetime.


To make sure that every travel experience lives up to your expectations, it’s important to protect yourself. Not every location you visit is perfectly safe, and there’s nothing worse than being stranded far from home as a victim of theft.


To protect every trip, Zoomlite offers the following safety tips:

  1. Make it a habit to check your bag regularly while you travel. Walking around new cities is distracting, and that’s what thieves are counting on. Even with an anti-theft travel bag, you should check your bag at least a few times an hour.
  2. Don’t place all your valuables in one location. When you pull money from an ATM, split the cash between different pockets, bags, and even individuals in your party. Then, even if a thief gets to one location, you’ll still have money to get you home safely.
  3. Forget about using your pant pockets for your wallet, ID, and credit cards. Pickpockets follow their namesake; they pick your pocket. Don’t make it easy on them by keeping your pant pockets full.
  4. Scan and make copies of your important documents. No matter how careful you are, things can happen. Having a scanned copy of your passport and ID can make it much easier to get into a consulate or gain help from the police.
  5. Be careful about flashing your wealth. If you wear all of your jewelry out in the open next to the $2000 camera hanging around your neck, you’re asking for a thief to single you out.


And to take your travel safety to the next level, consider buying luggage that is meant to keep you protected. Even if you’re smart and have it all planned out, thieves can be just as intelligent. That’s why Zoomlite offers an incredible array of anti-theft travel luggage to make safety a breeze.


Choose a Crossbody Bag: A crossbody bag offers more protection than a bag that hangs over one shoulder. It’s difficult for a thief to grab a bag that’s wrapped over your head. Crossbody bags also allow you to hold your bag in front of your waist in high-crowd situations where extra protection is necessary. Zoomlite has many different crossbody bag options for your travel experience.

     Consider Buying Slash Proof Bags: Sometimes a crossbody bag isn’t enough protection. If you’re heading into a pickpocket heavy area, a slash proof bag can be your best friend. These anti-theft bags protect you from even the most determined thieves. Check out the amazing slash proof options provided by Zoomlite.












       Don’t Forget Your Wallet: Your bag is important, but it’s not RFID blocking. That’s where an RFID passport wallet plays a vital role. You never want to lose your cash, phone, or camera, but even worse is dealing with identity theft when you’re in a new location. When you use an RFID wallet, you protect your passport, IDs, and credit cards from clever thieves who can use technology to scan and steal your information. If you’re not sure how RFID works or what it means for you, read our detailed blog on RFID technology. And don’t forget to pick up from one of Zoomlite’s several RFID blocking products.


      When you travel, don’t plan for the worse but prepare for every eventuality. That’s what makes a smart and safe traveler instead of a victim of theft. If you prepare for your trip before you ever get on the plane or in the car, you’ll find your experience is much more likely to live up to your expectations. Zoomlite can help get you ready for every trip no matter where you’re headed or what you’re looking for. Check out their full range of products.






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