3 Essential Packing Products for Smooth Sailing on Your Cruise

May 23, 2016 3 min read


So you’ve booked a cruise and are about to embark on a multi-destination journey to some of the most beautiful places on earth. Now it’s time to start planning what to pack! Here are our tips to help make prepping for your upcoming trip as painless as possible.

Pick Up Some Packing Cubes

Packing cubes, or lightweight bags used to compartmentalise clothing and accessories in your luggage, are perfect for cruises. As you’ll have an itinerary for your trip, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing on each day – and the clothes and essentials you’ll need to bring with you. Some super-organised cruisegoers like to pop a different outfit into each cube to make dressing for the day a breeze. For example, you’ll need a very different outfit for a concert in Vienna than what you would wear on an afternoon spent wine tasting at vineyards along the Danube.

Others travellers like to separate toiletries into one cube, electronic equipment into another and shoes or clothing in the rest. Since it’s always good to bring lots of mix and match clothing to make your choices go further, an idea would be to keep T-shirts in one cube and pants in another.

Another great thing about using these cubes is that once you’ve taken them out of your luggage, you can place them in your cabin for instant but organised access to your stuff – without ever needing to unpack.

Just make sure to check the dress codes stipulated by your cruise provider before you start filling your case – you may need to bring dresses and smart shoes for fancy onboard events. It's also worth checking to see if towels are offered on the ship as these take up a lot of luggage space.





Protect Your Passport

E-passports featuring computer chips and biometrics to make ID checks faster and improve security measures mean crossing borders has never been easier. But data thieves are catching on and are figuring out ways to gain your personal info, such as by skimming it from your passport with counterfeit readers.

To make sure you're protected, pick up an RFID-blocking passport wallet to help prevent your identity from being stolen. While Life Hacker details how to create a thrifty RFID-blocking wallet out of an Altoid can, this isn't quite big enough for your travel ID. Try one of these tech-blocking leather passport wallets instead for a trendy take on keeping safe.



Pop A Packable Backpack Into Your Case

Since you’ll have opportunities to leave the cruise and explore tons of different destinations, you’ll need a smaller bag to fit your wallet, camera, phone and any medication. But rather than taking up all your case space with a chunky carry-on bag, opt for a packable backpack instead. These options fold up well, so you can squeeze them into your luggage when they’re not in use.

According to Royal Caribbean International, you may have to wait a little while for checked bags to arrive in your stateroom on the first day of your trip. The cruise company suggests packing a small carry-on with travel docs, a change of clothes, and swim and exercise gear as a result. Other useful items to include are seasickness tablets to aid with adjusting to life on the ocean and your travel insurance policy for peace of mind.

A packable backpack will step up to the challenge of carrying these essentials, plus you can incorporate them all in your luggage and use it for lugging your bits around the ship for the rest of the holiday.



Cruise aficionados! What are your must-pack products for sailing around the world?

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