April 01, 2015

Whilst travelling, almost everyone enjoys capturing those special memories and adventures on camera. With the rapid development of Smartphones, almost anyone can now become an instant photographer. Whilst you’re travelling, here are Zoomlite’s top 5 tips for taking great photographs whilst travelling:



1. Get up Early

Unusual lighting can make for the most beautiful photographs. Sunrise, sunset and midnight can all offer amazing opportunities to portray a place in a different light (literally). So get up early to get those amazing photo opportunities while all the other tourists are still asleep.

2. Say Hello

Learn how to say “Hello” in the local Language, and greet the locals when taking their photo. If they don’t want you to take their photo, respect their wishes and leave them be. If you are friendly and communicate with them, they are far more likely to oblige in posing and may even be able to tell you where the best spots are for your photographs.

3. Travel Slow

If time allows you, always chose to travel by train or bus instead flying. The moments and scenery you will see on your journey will be unique opportunities for you to take interesting, dynamic photographs whilst you travel from place to place.

4. Practice at Home

Of course anywhere can be considered exotic and you can find the beauty in anything if you just take the time to look. Practice using different lenses, angles and subjects at home so that when you reach new and exciting lands you already have a good technique developed.

5. Leave the Camera Behind Sometimes

Don’t spend your entire trip looking through the lens. Enjoy your time just travelling, enjoying the ride and remembering why you came away in the first place.

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