Dolphin Awareness Month

March 03, 2015

March is Dolphin Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness and share knowledge about these beautiful creatures and their lives in our deep oceans. Dolphins are without doubt one of the most loved animal species on the planet. They are intelligent, highly organised and present no danger to humans. The symphony of communication sounds you can hear beneath the water from them is truly extraordinary. In honour of Dolphin Awareness Month, here are Zoomlite’s top travel destinations to see wild dolphins:


1—Kaikoura, New Zealand

Dusky dolphins are resident in the coastal waters of Kaikoura all year round. Dusky dolphins are renowned for their acrobatic leaps and interactive behaviour. Kaikoura is on the South Island of New Zealand, 2.5 hours drive north of Christchurch.


2—Oahu and Kona, Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the traditional places to travel to see dolphins, and of course you can have a great vacation at the same time. The Spinner and Spotted dolphins found in these waters. They love to spin underwater and then launch forward through the air.


3—Azores Archipelago

Here, on the only land found in the middle of the Atlantic, with the largest variety of dolphin species worldwide, this has to be the ultimate swimming with dolphins destination. There are 8 species around the Azores with but you’re most likely to see Common, Atlantic Spotted, Risso’s and Bottlenose dolphins and the pods are usually large of between 50 and 200 individuals. Super pods of up to 1000 have been sighted though!

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